What is mental toughness?

It's the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta and American gymnast Kerri Strug takes one of her final vaults in an attempt...
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Daily Awesome 3 – How to have more fun

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How to make friends as an adult

Featured on HomePage Happiness Health Relationships Tools
Remember when you were a kid and you could walk up to someone and ask if they wanted to play...
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How to love yourself

blog feature Confidence Happiness Relationships Self Love Tools
I used to wonder if it would ever be possible for me to love myself. In my early twenties I...
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How to get over a failure

How to get over a failure - 5 Strategies
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How do get motivated when you need to do something you don’t want

Motivation: How do I regain my motivation to exercise?
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I quit my job, built a business and never looked back – How you can too

Career Design your future Entrepreneur Tools
The day I quit the last job I ever worked was, in hindsight, one of the best days of my...
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I hate my life – How to free yourself when you feel this way

Have you been thinking "I hate my life" right now? Take a moment to to first breathe and know that...
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Questions that make you think

Here's a communication rule to consider: What you put out is what you receive. If you are angry. You'll get...
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Asking questions that make you think in new ways will improve your life

Communication Confidence Design your future Featured on HomePage Feeling lost Happiness Overcome barriers Tools
You and I - all people - are curious by nature. It's our goal in life to understand, to make...
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How to get a life that inspires you

Design your future Feeling lost Happiness life crisis quarter life crisis Tools
Take a moment right now to take stock of your current life. Are you inspired? Does every aspect of your...
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How to overcome self limiting beliefs

Confidence Design your future Featured on HomePage Happiness life crisis Self Love Tools
Do you ever wonder if you have two personalities? First there's the confident, positive, driven you. Then, there's the you...
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No energy? 6 Surprisingly simple ways to amp it up

Career Happiness Health Tools
Suffering from no energy? Feel tapped out? Exhausted? Sluggish? At the end of the day do you want to just...
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How to keep going when times are tough

Confidence Design your future Entrepreneur Featured on HomePage life crisis Overcome barriers
Visionaries, leaders and entrepreneurs often talk about the importance of being perseverant. It's that quality that allows you to keep...
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How to fix your life when you’ve hit rock bottom

Confidence Design your future Featured on HomePage Feeling lost life crisis Overcome barriers Tools
If you're in a space with your life right now where you are feeling lost, or confused, or completely stuck,...
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Having fun. Why increasing your fun will lead to a better life

Design your future Featured on HomePage Happiness Health Overcome barriers Self Love
Take a moment right now to think about the current level of fun you're having in your life. Seriously, take...
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How to love yourself - I used to wonder if it would ever be possible for me to love myself. In my early twenties I saw this as a place I would never be able to get to. Now, I chuckle as I am reminded of that time. This idea, this struggle of not being able to love myself, I remember it vividly though it's inconceivable to me now. I've done a ton of work on my relationship with myself.… ...Read More >>
secrets of successful entrepreneurs Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs - The Internet has made building and running a business far more accessible than it used to be. Anyone can cheaply and easily build a website, set up shop quickly in a global marketplace, and work from home in their pajamas. So here's a selection of the secrets of successful entrepreneurs that I have learned over my 20s. As an entrepreneur, I can tell you what a fulfilling career it is. I’m 29 today and I built my… ...Read More >>
How to be likeable How to be likeable …How to become the most sought after person in the room - Learn how to be an exceptionally likeable person... It's a scientifically proven fact that all people unconsciously answer two questions when they meet someone for the first time: Do I trust this person? Do I respect this person? All people do this. When we trust, we feel safe. It's linked to our base survival needs. So where do you think you fall on the likeability scale? Think about for a moment. Even if you self-rate… ...Read More >>
How to get better at asking for help How to ask for help …and why you should ask more often - Learn how to ask for help... Most people suck at asking for help. And, I'm not talking about asking for help when you're in crisis. I'm talking about turning to people on your social feeds (like Twitter and Facebook) and in your life for support with the little things you get stuck with. It's really not difficult. These days, the Internet has made asking for help a no-brainer. But if you're like most people, you are… ...Read More >>
How my dog transformed me Dogs are brilliant teachers if you’re willing to listen to their lessons - Life teaches us lessons at every turn and even in surprising moments. Today (Aug. 26) is National Dog Day and it's no exception. So it's a good day to share with you how my dog transformed me. As a life coach I'm used to training other people, but some of the biggest lessons come from my own life. This is the the story about a badly behaved dog and how I learned to love her... Two years… ...Read More >>
unconscious thoughts How to be aware of unconscious thoughts controlling your behavior - Have you ever wondered how to be more aware of unconscious thoughts controlling your behavior? Well, first off, in any instance where you want to be more aware of what your subconscious thoughts are, get quiet, get still and listen to your inner voice. You can learn a lot from being quiet, separating yourself from the action of your life and listening to what you have to say to, well, you! Any time you are… ...Read More >>
How to deal with people that don't like you How to deal with people that don’t like you - I was recently asked this question through the "Ask Kay" coaching feature of this site: There are people in my life that I know don't like me, should I deal with them?  What should I do? Here was my response: If there are people you know that don't like you, how to deal with them is a choice you'll need to make. But you have options. First off, if you don't come in contact with… ...Read More >>
The ultimate guide to getting a yes The ultimate guide to getting a YES - Read this ultimate guide to getting a YES to have people give you want you ask for... YES...It's a magic word and it opens doors and makes things possible and easier. The problem is sometimes people are a big fat NO. You can ask your friends for help. Your boss for a raise. Ask your kids to clean their bedrooms. Your spouse to clean the garage. Even ask that cute person out on a date. When the answer… ...Read More >>
How to get happy quickly: Be grateful How to get happy: Be grateful - If you think negatively about life or yourself, from time to time, it is ok. It is simply part of being human. Unfortunately, no one has ever figured out how to be perpetually happy. Though most of us would like to learn how to get happy and stay happy permanently. The truth is being upset or depressed is a survival mechanism that your brain uses to tell you to take an action that moves you… ...Read More >>
What reason is stopping you from being awesomer? What reason is stopping you from being awesomer? - We all have reasons that seem valid, but for the most part, they are BS. Are you willing to give up a reason that's been holding you back this week? Here's one that gets in the way for me: "I have too much to do". I say this constantly and get lost in feelings of overwhelm. It has me lose focus for what I need to do. Yes, it's true I have a lot to… ...Read More >>
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