How to beat procrastination

How to to beat procrastination once and for all

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Let’s face it, putting off the tasks you need to do to get in action so that you can get the results you are are looking for, and your dreams realized, is one of the top battles we have with ourselves. So dominating procrastination is critical to living a productive your life. Here are five experts on procrastination who have the best tips to deal with this dream killer and to help you once and for all get in action.

Apprentice with an expert procrastination beater

Apprentice with a master

The website doesn’t just have one key procrastination tip, but 11. The site is full of all kinds of life hacks, but we love #5 and #8 because it calls on the skills of other people who have mastered procrastination to train you. Once upon a time if you wanted to learn a skill you’d seek out a master. This was true for trades. You find a master electrician and apprentice under him. Or pledge fealty to a master chef and convince her to take you under her wing. The training was free but your master would keep the fruits of your labor. You would live with them, be fed by them, clothed, and perhaps you’d receive a small stipend. Today you no longer have to pledge your allegiance body and soul to them, still the best way to pick up a great habit or learn a tactic to is to apprentice with someone. Either formally ask them to train you or informally hang out with them and learn to copy their behaviors. See all 11 tips here. 

Do the worst task firsthate doing paperwork or tatxes



This tip at is one of our favorites as it gets the worst out of the way. You simply choose the most unpleasant or difficult task on your list and get to it. It’s not the only awesome time on this site, but a series of great procrastination beating tips that you’ll really find useful. I love what the author of the book The Procrastination Equation: How to Stop Putting Things Off and Start Getting Things Done has to say about getting the worst item on your list done. It’s pure genius and makes a whole lot of sense from a psychological perspective. Here are  all the tips from RealSimple: How to stop procrastinating


Use the two-minute rule to knock if off your list

Cross it off the to do list
For those of you who need a visual step by step guide to beating procrastination, then you’ll find utility in this post from Scan your list and see if there are any quick win tasks, like taking out the garbage, or changing the toner in the printer. They should take more than two minutes. Then get it done now…it will make you feel like you have made progress on your list and it will empower you to attack the bigger tasks, there’s nothing more satisfying than a line through an item that you’ve been putting off on your to-do list.   We also like tip 4 and LOVE tip 5. Just don’t dwell on tip 5 for too long! How to Stop Procrastinating

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