How to defeat laziness

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Are you feeling guilty because you’ve been lazy lately? Are you lacking ambition? Are you lacking motivation to want to do anything but relax , “chill out” or have fun? Want to learn how to defeat laziness?

Or, maybe you’re annoyed at someone because they are being lazy when you’d like them to get in action?

Shifting from being lazy to being productive first requires a choice to do so. And in most cases, getting to that choice requires a simple shift in context, seeing your world in a different light.

Read on to learn what makes people lazy and what to do about it.

How to defeat laziness easily with these simple tips

Reason for laziness#1: You have nothing to get in action over or be excited about in your near future.

Solution: Create something. You are not feeling ambitious because you haven’t chosen what you’d like to achieve.

This is not a fun place to be. When you’re in between choices of what to do in life and which way to go, it creates an environment of unhappiness. And, when you feel crappy you might want to avoid everything by distracting yourself.

So, close your eyes and visualize what you desire most in life and in your near future. Mentally see and feel what you want. It’s any easy way to get present to what you desire so you can then decide what you need to do about it.

Ask yourself: What do I want to accomplish in the next year? And then work backwards to decide on what milestones you need to accomplish this week and next month etc, that will get you where you want to go.

Having a burning desire for something and working towards it will pull you into action.

Reason for laziness #2: You’re really bad at doing things when you don’t “feel” like doing them.

Solution: Learn how to defeat laziness by separating your feelings from your commitments and actions.

Learning how to separate what you feel like doing from what you need to do to forward what you want in life is an important skill.  What you feel about action and the actual act of doing are totally separate things. You can still take an action without feeling like it.

It’s a crucial skill to hone because in many times in life when you deeply desire something the work you need to do to take you from where you are to achieving that end goal are a bunch of not-so-fun milestones.

For example, a runner that wants to win a marathon, must train every single day. And there will be days when they don’t want to. But, if they don’t do what they don’t feel like, they’ll never reach the end goal.

Take on a hobby or learn a skill you don’t “feel” like learning and you’ll be able train yourself to be more resilient. You’ll also want to learn quick ways of getting yourself motivated.

Reason for laziness #3: You feel stuck in a situation you can’t control, so you’ve given up.

Solution: Fill your knowledge gap or take a new action

If you ever feel stuck in any area of life you can unstick yourself by taking a new action or by learning what to do. The only reason people get stuck is because they don’t have the knowledge to know what to do, or they haven’t taken an effective action.

Reason for laziness #4: You have been working really hard and you really do need a break. You’ve reached a point of exhaustion.

Solution: Relax. (Like really, relax. Tune out. Get away. Unplug. DO NOTHING!)

If you are the type of person who pushes yourself and is deeply ambitious and you desire massive success, you might have pushed yourself too hard. You might need a break! Allow yourself to have a break! Sometimes being lazy – doing nothing! – is crucial for your mental and physical health.

This is hard for some people even when their body and mind is telling them to take a break.

Reason for laziness #5: You have low or no energy.

Solution: Too much caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and overeating can trigger low energy. You may feel like you have no energy to accomplish anything. You might also go and get a checkup. Low or no energy could be linked to depression. There are some simple solutions to no energy. Read these tips.


Here is the bottom line on how to defeat laziness…Don’t let your feelings run the show. Get in action around what inspires you. Don’t waste your life avoiding, putting off and not doing what you want.

Flipping the switch from lazy to productive is a skill. Train yourself and commit to getting what you want and being in action.

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