People Magnet Formula Premium Course

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Welcome to the People Magnet Formula Premium Course

This course consists of:

  • The download ebook in PDF or ePUB format.
  • Eight tutorial videos.
  • Bonus tool #1:  You  Are Awesome Pep Talk – mirror work accelerator
  • Bonus tool #2: Awesome You List – confidence building tool
  • Bonus tool #3: Yes Getter Premium

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How to do the course

You can do this course in any order, however we recommend that you read the People Magnet Formula ebook first all the way through, do the exercises referenced in each law. (In Law 1 you will see references to the “You are Awesome” Pep Talk and the Awesome You List.) View all 8 tutorial videos next. Then come back and do the work with the bonus tools after that or as needed. You can work with the Yes Getter Premium Bonus at your leisure.