Quarter Life Crisis Infographic

Which version of the quarter life crisis do you have?

We have put together this quarter life crisis infographic to help you understand the different versions of this generational phenomenon.

If you think you may be dealing with or suffering from a quarter life crisis, then you are not alone. Researchers say as many as 86% will have to deal with one or more quarter life crises.

If the term is new to you, here is a definition: It is a period of frustration, discontent, anxiety or even fear of not making progress in life or career. People ages 20 through 40 typically have to deal with it as they search for a way to have a life that they enjoy and are inspired by.

The infographic is based on the four versions of the quarter life crisis that are outlined in Kay Walker’s book the Quarter Life Crisis Escape Plan available as a downloadable PDF or on as a Kindle ebook or paperback on Amazon.

Download the Quarter Life Crisis infographic

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