QLC #4 – “I’VE WASTED MY LIFE” Quarter Life Crisis

“Life is to be enjoyed” might be a great motto for you. And it’s true, life is to be enjoyed. Though, lately you’ve been seeing your life as a lot of fun, which leaves you wanting more.

You are someone who has been enjoying life up till now. You have likely had many great experiences and a lot of fun. You may have even spent a lot of time travelling.

But now, you’re realizing you’d like to do something more meaningful. You’re starting to think more seriously about your life.

And for some people, you might be freaking out and thinking you’ve wasted to much time having fun and not being serious enough about building your career or a family etc.

At this point, you may have a clear idea of what might make your life more meaningful, or you might not. You might be afraid of taking a next step because it looks like less fun and more responsibility.

Let fun be your guide. You love to have fun so embrace your fun self, look at what you love doing, what’s most fun. This is your starting point for learning where you might want to direct your efforts to start doing something more meaningful.

Either way, what’s most important is that you gain clarity. This book will help you accomplish that. Download now.




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