QLC #1 – The “OH SHIT! I’ve wasted time and/or money” Quarter-Life Crisis

You’ve wasted time and money

You’ve put in a lot of effort building the life you have now, but now that you’ve arrived at what you thought you wanted, you’re starting to realize that you’re not 100% happy with one or more aspects of your life.

Perhaps you’re in a career that you spent years (and maybe thousands of dollars) working towards. But now you’re starting to learn that you don’t like what you do.

Or, you could have a slightly different version of this. Perhaps you married young and did the family thing and now you’re realizing: “I’ve spent all my time focusing on my family. I want to do something with my career”.

The “OH SHIT!” Quarter-Life crisis occurs when the you you are now rubs up against the you you were. You thought you wanted something but now that you’ve arrived (you have what you wanted), you’ve learned it’s not fully what you want.  

This is an uncomfortable dilemma to be in. Do you stay where you are because it’s safe and certainly not that bad OR do you make a serious change to one or more aspects of your life? Do you really go after what you deeply want?

What you need now is clarity. You need to get serious about what you really want and look at what you’re willing to do – the level of risk – you’re willing to take now to get what you are starting to see you want.

There are many ways to gain clarity. Here’s a quick and easy one, grab this ebook on the Quarter Life crisis and learn the 5 steps that’ll free you in a hurry!




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