Life by design course

Do you believe ONE action could transform your life forever? 

I do. It’s happened to me and more than once.

I’m sure it’s happened to you before too. And, I want this to be one of those times.

So, let’s get serious for a second, I’ve got a question to ask you:

Did you know that you can live a life where you love every aspect of it?  Have you even considered that a possibility? Imagine this:

You wake up and look in the mirror at the body you’ve always wanted. You get up a go to work and you’re doing what you love. All day, you’re surrounded by incredible people and you get to feel free in how you express yourself with them. Then, the house you go home to (or work from) is what you’ve always desired to live in. Of course, you can easily afford it all because your finances are how you’d like them to be.

What if you woke up with enthusiasm to this type of life – where every aspect was just what you intended?

And, what if you could have this life faster than you think is possible, and do it easily

Don’t believe that can happen?  I’d like to show you it can.

All it takes is you being open enough to trust us to let us help you let your awesome out and train you in the fundamental skills you need to build your dream life.



Introducing Awesome Life Club’s revolutionary self-development course: Life By Design

Life By Design is a twelve-module self-guided online course you can take from anywhere you have an internet connection.

It can be done in as little as twelve weeks or it may take you longer and that’s up to you. You dictate your pace of learning against what your current schedule permits.

So, while a 12-month course that teaches you all the skills you need to control of how your life goes, might seem like it could take a lot of time and effort, it is designed to fit to you.

You don’t have to physically go to a classroom.

You don’t have to spend more than 20 minutes every other day learning the concepts.

And, the “assignments” are not really homework, they’re more like simple “to-dos”  (like filling out a worksheet that walks you through a thinking process that only takes about 10 minutes). Most of them you’ll want to do because you get to have a say as to what they are.

This entire course is about you designing the life you desire. So throughout the process you get to say what you want and set measures to go after it. The course gives you an effective structure to stick to so you produce results. You get to design an “end game” – an achievable goal – that you’d like to have in any area of life by the end of the course.

It’s designed this way so you leave the course having produced tangible results versus simply having learned some good nuggets of knowledge.


The learning process:

The course is similar to others you may have taken in school or online, in that you learn by listening. After you complete a module you’ll be assigned simple tasks to complete that train you in the skills you’ve just learned.


Here’s what’s very different

Life by design is a transformational learning experience. This is different than the knowledge-based learning most people are accustomed to.

Instead of building on your knowledge base in a linear fashion by adding to what you know already, transformational learning challenges the very underpinnings of what you know so changes in your mindset occur.

It does this by having knowledge be designed to provoke emotional states that shift your limiting beliefs and how you interact in the world.

If you’ve ever had a moment in your life where you learned something and it completely changed the trajectory of your life in one moment, you’ll have a good idea what transformational learning is.

It’s like riding a bike and learning balance. Once you learn it you can’t unlearn it. That’s what taking this course is like. You will have everything you need to get the life you want after going through the modules and do the assignments.

Transformation alters the way you interact with the world. It challenges what you think you know. It allows you to expand yourself in ways you never thought was possible by shifting your entire mindset – the way you see yourself and your world and what you think and believe.

You’ll learn how to master skills you already use but have never been taught to use effectively. Skills such as:

  • Thinking
  • Performance
  • Communication
  • Listening
  • Interacting with people
  • Managing intense feelings and emotions

When you use the right type of skill in the right way at the right time it will have you produce any outcome you desire.

This course may shift your entire approach to life, but in a positive way, so you produce more of the results you want and less of what you don’t want.

The thought process

The entire course is based on a fast-tracking your life performance skills so you become a master of turning your dreams into reality. The skills you learn are the skills of visionary.

This doesn’t mean you have to be one. You don’t have to be on a global mission to change the world. But learning the skills of a visionary will allow you to learn what you need to turn your dreams into reality quickly.

Here are the roles visionaries posses:

The Architect

The Planner

The Builder

Each role has a set of skills. In this course, you’ll be training to become each of these roles and each skill set so you have all you need to design the life you dream about.

To further understand the process and the skills you’ll learn check out the course modules below: