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Welcome to Awesome Life Club’s library of free personal development tools, that we call “life hacks”. This collection of simple tools and formulas help you breakthrough barriers you can’t see and in the end get what you want in life.

Humans are the most intelligent species on the planet but we’re not perfect. You and I have automatic, learned tendencies that get in the way of our success. Sometimes we’re aware of them, sometimes we’re not.

“Life hacks” are simple tools and formulas that allow you to control your behavior and your environment at all times, so you can encourage the outcomes you desire.

Imagine you have to stand up and speak at a work meeting and your palms start to sweat, heart starts to race. In that moment, fear moves in to take you out.

Maybe that’s because at some past moment in your life  – you raised your hand to answer a question in grade school but your answer was incorrect and the kids laughed at you – you learned, that speaking in front of people is scary.

When an emotion like fear pops up sometimes you can overcome it. But when it’s extreme it can take you over. You act on autopilot without being in control of what you’d like to do.

That’s where a life hack like one of the methods you’ll find in my 12 Ways to Be Confident On-Demand would come in handy.

They are simple quick formulas and methods you can follow that give you power on-demand.

Browse the library of free tools below and get what you need to live the life of your dreams.




Yes Getter Formula

7 easy steps to getting 10x more YESes than NOs

Why do people say NO? Because when you ask for something there is nothing in it for them. Learn the simple secret formula to turning your requests into YESes by tapping into basic human needs and desires…and selfishness.



 12 Ways to be Confident On-Demand

12 Ways to overcome all fears in different situations

Fear is at the root of all of your behaviors. It gets in the way of your confidence and keeps you playing small in life.  12 Ways to be Confident On-Demand is your go-to guide for conquering fear when it’s in your way. It outlines twelve methods you can use for different situations.


Get What You Want Fast Formula

 A formula for raising standards and shifting limiting beliefs

If you haven’t been able to get what you want in an area of life it’s because you have a set of standards that are holding you back. All humans sets of standards that are created unconsciously. Sometimes you notice them, sometimes you don’t. They are good because they keep us achieving at a certain level, however most of the time they stop us from expanding and getting what we ultimately desire. Said another way, your standards are what you are willing to put up with.  The “Get It All Now Formula” outlines the five ways to lift your standards and shares a simple formula you can use to shift behavior and illicit immediate positive lasting change.

Body Language Cheatsheet

 10 common body language cues that will make you a communication expert

65% of human communication is expressed through body language cues, while only 35% comes from spoken language. If you want to be a master communicator, you’ll want to learn what people are saying to you with their body. Use the Body Language Cheatsheet as go-to guide to ten of the top cues you should be aware of. It’s your beginning to mastering the art of non-spoken communication.

COMING SOON! – How to Win Anyone Over Even if They are Jerks

Turn enemies (and the people you have to put up with but don’t really like) into your allies.

If you have to be around someone you don’t like or if hate someone but you’d rather not have to because it would be much easier if you liked them, you can use this formula to turn enemies into allies. In most cases, it comes down to being related, to understanding one another. Learn the formula that will give you immediate power in social situations.

Time Travel From Upset Tool

Learn how to use the brain’s natural ability to erase negative emotions to escape upset

Hack your reality by understanding how an upset is fleeting and use the fact that time erases upset and pain in the human brain. This cheatsheet is a tool you can use to follow instructions in the blog post of the same name on this topic posted in the Awesome Life Club. 


Awesome Relationship Interview Script

A script you can use to connect with your partner and assess how the relationship is going for both of you and create structures to ensure both parties are fulfilled and getting what they want.

Most relationships lose the passion and connection that is felt in the early stages of love because their focus naturally shifts from “how can I keep my partner happy” to “am I getting what I need in this relationship?”. Part of the reason this happens is that the relationship dynamics change and the people change overtime. Use this tool to do a quick assessment of how the relationship is going for each person. Create new structures together to manage the happiness levels of both parties.

Task Management Matrix 

A tool you can use to organize your daily tasks so your more effective and produce more of the outcomes you’d like to. 

Description: President Eisenhower was the most productive president in US history because he used a simple four quadrant grid to plan his days. The Task Management Matrix follows a similar formula but has been improved slightly so you focus on daily outcomes and are intentionally taking actions to achieve them. It’s a brilliant tool that helps even people who hate planning to easily manage their tasks and time. Get it now!


Awesome You List

A simple template that will help you gain self confidence in all situations.

Most people mis-use positive affirmations. This template will help you get their value. It helps you ask yourself a series of question about you so you can build a list of why you’re great. When you lose confidence you can easily conquer the negative emotions by referring to your list. May sound silly but it’s highly effective.


How to Repair a Melania Trump-Sized Mistake in Four Easy Steps

This simple four-step process will fix a big error you made and can resolve the upset around you
that was caused by the mistake.

When you make a huge mistake, like Melania Trump did, when she plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech, it can cause upset chaos and can hurt relationships. It can even lose elections…or the equivalent. So how do you fix it? Saying sorry is not enough. Use this simple four step process to right a wrong and get past a major mistake.