Disrupt your resistance

Looks like you’ve reached the bottom of the Awesome Life Club homepage and decided to click on the last item possible. It’s likely you’re here because nothing has enticed you to become a member of the coolest (free) club on the web.

Not even my promise that through ALC, I will help you build your dream life.

Or, the free downloadable tools on the homepage, such as: “12 Ways to Be Confident On-Demand Guide”; the “Get What You Want Fast Formula” ; or my “Body Language Cheatsheet”.

You zipped passed the blogs section because none of the headlines like: “60 minutes to a more passionate relationship” or “How to fast track to the life of your dreams”, piqued your interest.

This all makes me very sad, because I’ve failed in my efforts to get your attention.

Still you are reading this page, so that’s something good. You see it takes courage to confront your natural human resistance and cynicism. (They are hardwired defense mechanisms, after all, that kept our ancestors safe.)

So, please, give me one more chance to encourage you to be a part of this awesome community. Because, there’s something else I know….

Whatever is stopping you from joining this groupa club that’s dedicated to you having an awesome life – could be what’s in your way to achieving your dreams in other areas of life.

We all have reasons. And sometimes they get in the way of massive opportunities.

If you’re willing to look at what’s stopping you, and identify it, you can purposefully set it aside,  and break a common way of behaving that may not serve you.

So think about it. Every moment, every action is an opportunity to learn something about yourself.

Before, we look at the most common reasons people choose to pass the opportunity to join Awesome Life Club, let’s first get flat on what the club is….

As a member, you receive free updates via email with simple tools and formulas – “life hacks” -you can use right away to expand yourself and life.

The club is dedicated to you and what you need. It’s free, and hassle free. You can leave at any time. And, you will not get a cascade of email that bugs you to buy stuff. I won’t lie to you however, I will offer you the occasional premium tool that costs a few dollars each. And I do have a super-intensive results-producing personal development program that I have designed for people who want more.

Still you could never spend a penny and still use the free support systems to rock your life. That’s it.

So, now that we’re clear on what ALC membership provides if you’re still not rushing to join then you could be….


Does being a member of the club sound like hard work? Does it sound a bit too aggressive for you? Or, are you fearful of living the life you desire. It can be scary. It takes courage.

If fear is in your way, it’s likely it gets in the way often for you in other areas of life. You know you best. So take a look at your life and ask yourself – is fear holding you back?

Are you willing to join with the fear beside you, to step into something new?  Put your trust in ALC. It’s our job to support you. You don’t have to do anything but pay attention to the content we send and if you find something of value, use it.

You also might want to start by grabbing the free: 12 Ways to Be Confident On-Demand Guide

Too busy?

Does joining another mailing list sound like you are going to get a flood of mail that you don’t have time to read. Is your inbox full as it is?

Ask yourself: Where does being busy and feeling overwhelmed get in the way of you achieving other things in your life?

Maybe it’s time to clean your inbox, to get organized? For some of you that could be the case.

ALC understands that most people have cluttered inboxes where they get an influx of business mail and promotional junk. It’s why all our messages are designed to get your attention and to be simple and easy to absorb.

If you want to make sure you only get one email per week, you can just choose to receive the Friday weekly summary email. It contains a bunch of links to what we’ve been up to that week, you can click on what interests you.

If this addresses your concern, join now

Have another support system you think is better?

Great!! You should have multiple ways that support you in achieving your dreams.

But, how do you know something is better than ALC if you’ve never experienced being part of this club?

Are you willing to be open to explore ALC?  You can always un-sub if you find it’s not for you (though, we are confident you won’t!)

If this addresses your concern, join now

Have an life that is super awesome all ready?

Many ALC members do.

But, if you believe that life is an evolution and who you are is an evolution than there is ALWAYS room to expand yourself to the next level.

If your life is incredible in all areas, congratulations!

Have you considered you could continue to expand? WHAT!?!  A life even better than your already super awesome life?  We’ll show you that it’s possible.

If you want an awesomer life, join now.

You think you’re too old?

Have you already lived your dreams?  Are you retired or almost retired?  Are you ready for some relaxation. Think your time is up?  IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO GET WHAT YOU DESIRE.

Don’t let your age hold you back.  Consider where is it holding you back now? There are many people in this world doing brilliant things later in life. Like, actor Morgan Freeman who didn’t even get famous till his forties. Look at him now!

You’re never to old to stop learning and expanding. And, if you haven’t lived passionately up to this point, all the more reason for you to do so.

(If you are a grandparent, imagine being able to transfer newly learned skills to your grandchildren.)

Remember: You define what your awesome life is. It may look like relaxing and enjoying in financial freedom. Or exploring new hobbies. Now is the time.

If this addresses your concern, join now.

Do you think Awesome Life Club sounds too good? Maybe you  don’t believe it will be valuable or possible to love every aspect of life.

Is there something that’s happened to you in your life that’s made you close your mind to what’s truly possible for you?

Many people who have suffered a considerable loss or many losses start to become less open to what is possible. It’s completely normal and natural, but it doesn’t serve you. Cynicism is a dream killer. But it also comes from within. And you can learn to extinguish it.

In fact if your habit is to wait and see. Or think about it. Then break the habit with a new action. Simply join now.

If you don’t believe you can have what you want, you don’t need to. Put your trust in us. Have enough faith that ALC will make you a believer in yourself and your life again.

What you want is possible for you. We’ll believe it for you, until you believe it yourself.

So let us take on this burden for you, all you have to do is join now.

I get support from my church or faith

ALC does not compete with faith based programs. It is not religious in nature. It doesn’t address spirituality. That said the skills we teach you can help you strengthen your faith and build a deeper commitment to your beliefs.

If this addresses your concern, join now.

Something else? 

If you have another reason for not joining consider where is could be holding you back. Reasons are made up things we give a lot of weight and validity too. If you’re willing to step beyond your initial hesitation and be open to receiving you may discover a whole new world for yourself.

I invite you to join Awesome Life Club: Join now.

And, now I’ve tried my best to get you onboard. If you’re still a “No” that’s fine too.

But, be a “no” now and be willing to come back and visit us soon. We’re always sharing new tools. And maybe another time is better time for you.

Thanks for considering it, and spending the time to read this far! Maybe we will see you in future.

Keep being awesome!

Kay Walker

P.S. If you are ready to join Awesome Life Club, join now.