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About Awesome Life Club



We're on a global mission to have every person in the world love their life. We're not talking about loving parts of it while putting up with some aspects being just okayWe have a dream that every person is inspired about what they are working to achieve and feels expressed in who they are.

We don’t believe anyone ever needs to feel stuck in tough situations they think they can’t get out of or feel trapped by negative emotions. Because, the truth is, if you have the right piece of knowledge or take one new action that’s effective, you can easily unstick yourself in any situation.

The life you live comes down to you. You choose it. And, you have the power at any moment to choose to live the life you want, to design it and shape it so it fulfills you.

We created Awesome Life Club to provide you with the personal and professional development training you need to succeed in life.

Bottom line: You don’t have to go to a job you hate. Stay in a relationship that’s not working for you. Not be famous and rich, if you want to be famous and rich. There is nothing you can’t achieve.

And, if you think our mission to include everyone in the world is a bit nutso, we can understand that. It's a big game to be playing. We set that number because it just doesn’t make sense to to leave people out. We all deserve to wake up inspired.  Let us support you in whatever you're up to.  You don't have to do it alone and there are tools to make it easy. Awesome Life Club is here to help you rock your life!

Keep being awesome. 


We're a brand with one very specific mission: To have YOU living the life of your dreams and loving every single aspect of it. In a world where not many people truly believe this or will say this to you, we want you to know:

You CAN live the life of your dreams.

All it takes is deciding what you want. And we'll help you do that too if you aren't sure. Because when it comes to getting what you really want in life all it takes is...

You becoming intentional about what you want and being willing to learn new ways to achieve the outcomes you desire. When you learn new ways to think you'll start to see new actions to take to get what you want. All that's between you and the life you dream about is KNOWLEDGE  - learning new tools and techniques - and ACTION - implementing them!

At Awesome Life Club our entire mission is built around making you think differently about yourself and about life. We teach you skills you need to achieve your dreams and win at life  - like, how to override your natural automatic tendencies so you get more of what you want AND how to communicate so you're a people magnet.

Exactly how do we support you in achieving your dreams? A few ways...

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Become an ALC member (it's free) and each week, you’ll get free training - simple tips and coaching - designed to support you in living the life of your dreams. It’s like having a personal life performance coach in your court. Click here to join ALC and amp up the awesome level in your life today.

Library of life coaching advice

Feeling lost or stuck? Want to quit your job to become a entrepreneur? Have a negative person in your life you have to deal with? Browse the ALC blog for guidance from master coaches and get support for free whenever you need it.

ALC Youtube channel

Each week watch ALC founders, Leanne and Kay test out simple personal development products and techniques that promise to make your life better. Do they work? How easy are they to implement? Or, Get quick success tips on topics such as motivation and overcoming failure. Learn simple new ways to make your life more awesome.

24/7 Coaching on-demand

Anytime you’re stuck in life you can talk to an elite life performance coach to get unstuck fast (in as little as 20-30 minutes). Simply email us and we'll respond immediately. You can chat to a coach anytime about anything. 

Personal development training

Serious about success? Want your dream life NOW!? We provide online personal development training that’s self-guided or with the support of a small intimate online community.

Are you living a life that inspires you? If the voice in your head said “no” or “kind of” after reading that question, the good news is all that separates you from achieving what you want may simply be gaining a few new insights. Check out our library of training resources today.