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Are you in your 20s or 30s and plagued with uncertainty, feel stuck, are unmotivated, or just not inspired about your future. Take our Quarter Life Crisis Quiz.


If you are between the ages of 20 and 40, you probably are dealing with this kind of life crisis. Studies show most people go through this phenomenon in some capacity during those two decades of life. Some earlier. Some later, closer to age 40.

Unlike the mid-life crisis experienced by people in their 40 s and 50s, the quarterlife crisis starts earlier, usually as you have spent a few years in the work world and have become dissatisfied, or if you have failed to launch a career or a family. Or have a family but not a career.

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This quarter life crisis quiz will show you which version you have

Ready to discover which version of the Quarter Life Crisis you have? There are four as follows.

1) The “OH SHIT! I’ve wasted time and/or money” Quarter Life Crisis

2) The “WTF! WHY DON’T I HAVE WHAT I WANT?”  Quarter Life Crisis

3) The “I COULD DO THIS, I COULD DO THAT”  Quarter Life Crisis

4) The “Have I wasted my life?” Quarter Life Crisis

5) Or in this quarter life crisis test, you may simply discover that you are in a temporary funk or having a bad week. If that is the case for you we will tell you when we show you your quiz results.

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We will show your quarter life crisis test results instantly and send them to you by email so you can read them at your leisure. The results include actionable tasks, written by author Kay Walker, who wrote the Quarter Life Crisis Escape Plan, that can help you consider how to get out of it and start to formulate a solution for yourself so you can design a life that you love. Start the quiz now.

From the book Quarter Life Crisis Escape Plan:

The good news is I am going to help you resolve your situation quickly. All you need do is follow 5 simple steps. Then you can turn this not-so-fun time in your life into a massive opportunity.

Kay Walker, author of the book Quarter Life Crisis Escape Plan

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