Quarter Life Crisis Memes

quarter life crisis memes

Need a quarter life crisis meme to share? If you’re going through your own Quarter Life Crisis, these funny memes might help put a smile on your face. Or at least distract you for a moment from a day of frustration or bewilderment.

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Quarter Life Crisis Meme for Wine Drinkers - fetch me some wine

This is for when you need a glass a wine really really really badly

meme - quarter life crisis - have any career you want - marry the man of your dreams

This is a quarter life crisis meme for when you realize your mother lied to you about your future.

mcjob meme - go mcfuck yourself - quarter life crisis

This quarter life crisis meme is for when you realize that you didn’t get the job of your dreams.

Go ahead call me a millennial again - MEME - quarter life crisis

A quarter life crisis meme for when you have been referred to you as a “millennial” one too many times

ultimate Gen-Y job posting

When you are holding out for that perfect job.

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