QLC #3 – “I COULD DO THIS, I COULD DO THAT” Quarter Life Crisis

You’re in a period of indecision with your life. You have lots of ideas of what you could do. You likely have lots of talents. Your greatest problem is that you don’t what to do, which way to proceed.

You’re paralyzed by all the possible paths you could take. You’re confused about what to spend your life doing. And, you’re afraid of making the wrong choice.

This leaves you stuck. There’s likely a lot of “no action” going on for you right now. You’re trying to think your way to a resolution of what to do.

This might also look like what can be termed as a failure to launch. You live in mom and dad’s basement and haven’t been able to generate enough momentum to get your life moving is a direction that excites or inspires you.

You need to start exploring what you love. And then, you need to take an action. Start small. Action begets action and when you start taking new actions you’ll gain more clarity on what it is you really want.

Here’s a first, very easy action that will help, grab this book with the five steps you need to take to get out of your quarter life crisis.




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