5 scientifically proven keys to happiness

The science of happiness: 5 proven keys to happiness

Want to know what the science of happiness shows as the secret to being happy all the time?

Here’s a hint: PERSONAL GROWTH.

If you’re learning and growing as a person every day you’ll feel great. It’s really that simple. Doesn’t matter where you start. Just keep taking action towards the things you want and acknowledge even the tiniest progress you make.

The 5 scientifically proven keys to happinessscience of happiness quoteIt’s why happiness key #1 below is incredibly important. It’s the mother of happy and it’s important for your overall levels of feeling fulfilled.

Happiness keys #2-#5 are all about the daily actions you need to take to keep your dopamine levels flowing.

Read on to learn what science of happiness says are the five keys to being happy. Incorporate them into your life and measure how you feel.

The science of happiness: 5 proven keys to being happy 

Happiness key #1: Define your reason for living (you’re “raison d’etre“)

Step 1: Ask yourself what an inspired future looks like to you?

First, you must always be working towards a future that fulfills you. So, you need to constantly ask yourself what you want at different stages of your life. What does a future that inspires you look like?

Step 2: Take small actions every day towards that future

Take action daily towards that future you dream about. Because, how to be happy all the time comes down to one thing: PROGRESS.

If you’re progressing in little ways towards a life that inspires you, it will give you a deep satisfaction, one that you own and no one or thing can take away.

When the progress stops because you stop taking action or you get stuck in what to do, you’re happiness levels will dwindle.

Happiness comes down to you. It comes down to you answering the big life questions that only you can answer. And then you need to TAKE ACTION.

That’s how science says to achieve lasting happiness.

Now, there are also some simple daily rituals you should incorporate into your life to maintain a daily level of happiness. Because, sometimes when you’re taking action towards a life that inspires you it makes you long-term happy but it doesn’t keep your daily dopamine levels surging.

So, using the science of happiness, and take add these simple actions to your day:

Happiness key #2: Get in some aerobic activity

The higher intensity the aerobic activity the better. The science of happiness shows that aerobic activity gets your happy brain chemicals flowing. It also keeps your body in check from a health perspective and that’s important for your overall happiness.

Happiness key #3: Connect with people

These days most of us are sitting at computers and connecting with people online. That’s not the same as connecting with people in person.

Scientists say that being with people has the same chemical effect as taking a drug like cocaine. But being with people is a much better way to get that dopamine flowing. Spend time around people that make you feel good each day.

Happiness key #4: Contribute

This can be as simple as making your partner a sandwich. Making a difference for another person or a group of people is the greatest happiness booster. Little things make the difference.

Happiness key #5: Be grateful

It’s the best way to turn a bad mood into a good one and it’s easy. Close your eyes and visualize the little things you’re grateful for. Alternatively, you can write them down. Being grateful heightens the energetic frequency your body emits.

And, it’s easy to be grateful even when you don’t feel particularly good. If you are breathing and your heart is ticking you’ve got something to be grateful for.

Being happy is up to you. If you take the consistent actions to be happy even if your thoughts aren’t there, they will follow suit.

In the end, life is to be enjoyed. Don’t waste your precious time feeling anything but good about who you are and what you’re up to achieve. And, if you need a structure to support you join Awesome Life Club for free tools to build the life of your dreams.

get out of a bad mood

How to get out of a funk

Learn how to get out of a funk quickly in a few simple steps

Want to learn how to get out of a funk fast? Follow these simple steps to bust a bad mood. It is the fastest way to get out of a bad mood using proven science.

Recent studies in neuroscience on the topic of the mind-body connection reveal that what you do with your body forces your mood to follow suit. It’s not the reverse, as most people tend to think. In fact, posture improvement exercises have been a leading the way in new therapies for treating conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other major cognitive issues.How to get out of a funk - a step by step guide for everyone

So, if your posture sucks, it’s likely you’ll find yourself having negative thoughts. And those thoughts will continue to reinforce your sucky posture.

Over time you may become a chronic sloucher because your muscles get used to being in a slouched forward position. So now you’re walking around not even realizing that you are sending a message to others about your self-doubt, inadequacy, negativity and sadness, not to mention you are reinforcing negative thoughts.

If you want to easily understand how to get out of a funk quickly, then here a key tip. It’s important to tune into your body regularly. Because you’ll be able to see how your mood is affected. And when you do notice negative thoughts or anxiety, simply change your physical state to immediately snap out of a bad or toxic mental state.

Learning how to get out of a funk is easy. You’ll want to use these simple body hacks to become confident and shift your mood to feel better.

#1. Stand tall and be tall

A simple way to get out of a funk is boost your mood is to throw your shoulders back so they are aligned with your body, not pulled forward. Push your chest out. You can do this anytime you notice your posture is out or anytime you notice negative thoughts or a low mood.

Learn how to get out of a funk fast

Learn how to get out of a funk fast

If you consistently have bad posture because you’ve trained yourself to be a consistent negative thinker over the years, or because you sit at a computer all day, you’ll need do to some daily training to improve your muscles.

Having consistently bad posture trains your pectoral muscles to tighten and your back muscles to weaken. The muscles that hold a joint in place are imbalanced so you need to retrain your body, you need to recalibrate and reset. This requires a small daily effort. 

Besides noticing when your posture is not straight and correcting it you can do the following simple exercises to improve your postural muscles:

Step 1: Pectoral stretch

Put your hands at your ear level but behind your head. Bend your arms at the elbow and push your arms back. This stretches your pectoral muscles. Hold for 30 seconds.

Step 2: Flies

Bend forward slighting at your waist. Use 8 or 10 lb weights. Bend elbows. Press shoulders together to and tighten core to lift weights to the side. Do fifteen reps.

Alternate Step 1 with Step 2 three times.  Make it easy on yourself to incorporate them into your schedule. Do them while you’re watching tv or after your brush your teeth in the morning.

This will help you train your body to have better posture and as result you’ll have a most positive, confident mindset.

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Here is a summary, but grab the detail and step by step instructions from our free Bust a Bad Mood PDF…click here to get it or click the box below.

#2. Be Super, Become Super

Anytime you notice you have bad posture, are feeling anxious or negative in any way, go find a mirror and strike a pose like a superhero. Learn how.

#3. Create a Pump It Up Routine to Improve Mood

A “Pump It Up” routine is a way to get your energy levels up by moving your body in any way that inspires you. Download the PDF below to learn how to create one.

#4. Good mood conditioning

All humans are information processing machines. Our thoughts dictate our actions. It’s why being a habitual negative thinker can be a drain on your life. It’s damages you and what’s possible for you. So it’s worth it to do so work to train yourself to thinking positively. Here’s a simple and extremely effective hack:Wear an elastic band on your wrist. (more on this in the downloadable PDF below).

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