Super You: How Technology is Revolutionizing What it Means to Be Human

Super You: How Technology is Revolutionizing What it Means to Be Human

This book is not science fiction. It is your future.

Learn how accelerating science and technology improvements are going to transform you into a better, smarter, faster, longer-living human in the next two decades.

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About the Book
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Learn More about the book Super YouHack yourself! Discover how tomorrow’s incredible technologies will soon make your body, your brain, and your kids fantastically superhuman. Grow replacement organs. Implant chips in your brain. Edit your DNA. Double your lifespan! You can live longer, better, smarter. The technology is on the way: much of it’s already here. Super You will reveal how you’ll soon be able to:

  • Upgrade your looks by growing new and improved body parts in the lab
  • Grow new organs when your old ones wear out — and replace limbs lost in accidents or warfare
  • Increase your lifespan: live long and prosper
  • Grow taller, even if you’re already an adult
  • Get smarter, with new brain implants
  • Use nanobots to clean out your arteries and enhance your brain
  • Sense magnetic fields and distant storms
  • Jack your brain directly into the network for instant knowledge
  • Curate your baby’s DNA to eliminate disease before it strikes (and choose her eye color while you’re at it)

Will super villains raise havoc with tomorrow’s technology enhanced humans? What will your government say about all this? Which body hacking companies should you invest in? What are the social and ethical implications of all this? What would God, Buddha, Jesus, or Vishnu say? Make no mistake: this is no comic book fantasy or sci-fi dream. It’s coming, whether you’re ready or not. Read Super YouBe ready.

A great book! Full of excellent information about the future and what humans will almost certainly be like in the coming decades. Highly recommended!
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