Quarter Life Crisis Escape Plan

Quarter Life Crisis Escape Plan
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Series: Awesome Life Club Books
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Cyberwalker Digital LLC
Publication Year: 2017

Personal development coach Kay Walker guides you through five steps to breakthrough whatever is holding you back in having the life you really want, using simple steps and easy exercises. Works for anyone frustrated with an aspect of their life. Career. Love. Relationships. Family. And more!

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If you are between the ages of 20 and 40 you will want to read the Quarter Life Crisis Escape Plan. You may have found yourself at a point of confusion, indecision, paralysis or frustration with your life, your career or your relationships. This is the new accelerated midlife crisis that comes earlier in life. Thanks to a faster pace of life, new pressures, expanded job and career options thanks to the Internet, Generation Y and Generation Z are being confronted by how to move forward in their lives with certainty, clarity, and confidence.

This simple five step solution helps you identify which kind of Quarter Life Crisis you are in. (There are 4, according to the author Kay Walker.). She provides you with a clear roadmap, easy strategies and simple exercises to resolve the crisis. Walker then shows you how to create a new future that will restore happiness, confidence, bring clarity and launch you into the life you have always wanted.

If you want financial freedom, a designed life and a meaningful career that brings you joy and a sense of accomplishment, then this is the book for you. (And for those that are looking for a way forward, but are no longer in their 20s or 30s, this book can work for you too.) The book is unique because it provides simple exercises and a 5 step plan you can follow using free downloadable PDF worksheets. It can be use by anyone to transform their upset, frustration, fear and confusion. It is simple to get past the barriers that are holding them back. The process provides freedom, clarity and ease.

As author Kay Walker says, your Quarter Life Crisis is an massive opportunity to confront what is not working in your life. You emerge the other side with a plan to have the life you have always wanted, but thought you could never have. And she should know. Walker experienced and transformed her own quarter life crisis. Then she formulated an easy 5 step solution, found in the Quarter Life Crisis Escape Plan, using her background in neuroscience, life coaching, and ontology. It’s  method anyone can use. Think of her as the Tony Robbins for Generation Y and Generation Z.

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