The People Magnet Formula

Author: Kay Walker
Series: Awesome Life Club Books
Genres: Business Communication, Personal Development, Self-Help
Tags: attractive, charisma, charm, Recommended Books, success
Publisher: Cyberwalker Digital LLC
Publication Year: 2016
Length: non-fiction self-help
ASIN: B01M15H3Y5

The People Magnet Formula teaches is you the irresistible traits of the most extraordinary people on the planet. Once you learn the 11 laws and start to take them on influential people will start to notice you. And you'll find your business card flying ou tof your pockets. These simple laws will take your business and your persoal life to the next level!

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About the Book
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Use this easy to use formula to make a killer first impression in your business. In a negotiation, or when you take the stage to deliver a presentation. Equally it works in your personal life – in a social circle, among neighbors or even – if you are single – on a date. You can learn this formula in a day, become competent in a week, and be using the formula to create ongoing incredible relationships with everyone you deal with or encounter in your life.

Kay has also designed an online course with the same name that includes the ebook, audiobook, video tutorials and more to help you learn it faster and become more effective with it.  Learn more here.